Pool Pumps

Your pool filter pump is the beating heart of the filtration system, and as such you should be looking for a robust unit that will stand up to the day to day rigours of pushing thousands of liters of water through your filter, heater, and chlorinator without skipping a beat. After extensive research we recommend the Henden range.

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Henden Pumps

The Henden range of pool pumps are designed using heavy duty UV and corrosion resistant materials to ensure you have a long lasting product. This is backed by industry leading warranty terms of 4 years.

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Henden range of pumps

Booster Pumps

A booster pump is designed to work in conjunction with your filter pump to provide more pressure for certain types of automatic pool cleaners ie. Polaris, and JetVac. We prefer to use Aquaquip booster pumps due to their robust and reliable design.

A booster pump is not designed to be run independently of the filter pump and as such we always recommend installing it using an independent controller such as the AquaQuip flow control timer, which will only provide power to the booster when the main pump is running. Contact us to find out more.

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