Pool Maintenance

Complete Pool Management from $89.90 + chemicals

We take care of everything related to maintaining your pool so you can enjoy swimming with peace of mind. We will ensure your pool is crystal clear without the use of harsh chemicals, which is great for you and the environment!

This service includes
Comprehensive water analysis and balancing
Removal of leaves and debris from the pool area
Skim water surface and vacuum
Brush down steps, and sides of the pool
Filtration system clean, backwash, health check, and run-time optimisation
Before and after photos, and a detailed service report
This program is offered as a fortnightly or monthly service
Complete pool management

Clarity Clear Water Program from $49.90 + chemicals

The 'Clarity' clear water program is for people who like to have some involvement in the management of their pool, however, are a little confused when it comes to water chemistry.

One of our technicians will visit your house fortnightly or monthly to digitally analyse your pool water chemistry and make the necessary chemical additions to ensure your water remains balanced and is safe to swim in.

As part of this service, you will receive an email notification from our technician containing before and after photos, a detailed service report and the date of your next service call.

Clarity Clear Water Program

Green 2 Clean

If your pool has been neglected for some time and the water has gone green, we can help you with that. As part of our 'Green 2 Clean' program we will ensure your pool is back to its best within 5 business days.

A technician will visit your home once a day for 5 days (or as required) making the necessary adjustments to your filtration systems, and make the required additions to get your water sparkling and swimmable again. Contact us to find out more.

Commercial and upmarket pool maintenance

Clarity Pool Management has been contracted to manage the pool maintenance at a number of private upmarket properties. If you would like to find out more about this tailored service, then please contact us to arrange an appointment.

We can recommend the optimal maintenance program for your pool.

Contact us now for a commitment-free recommendation.