Pentair Rebel V2 Automatic Pool Cleaner

Take the fight to hard-to-clean debris with the Rebel® 2 Cleaner. This compact robotic pool cleaner packs a powerful punch, boasting pre-programmed steering that enables it to access tight corners where dirt hides in your swimming pool. Take your pool cleaner game to the next level with the Pentair® 2 Automatic Vacuum Pool Cleaner!


  • Ideal for all pool types
  • Climbs walls in most pools
  • Manoeuvres up and over obstacles
  • Easy installation
  • Clog-free cleaning
  • More cleaning power for a thorough cleaning coverage

The Rebel® 2 Cleaner’s programmed steering and compact, two-wheeled design allows the vacuum cleaner to access deep to shallow bottoms with ease (with up to 90 degrees floor-to-wall angles all the way to the water line and into tight spaces that other cleaners miss.)

  • Programmed Cleaning Cycle assures complete, thorough pool cleaning coverage
  • Sure Flow Turbine design provides clear passage for dirt and debris, avoiding the clogging that is common with other 2-wheel cleaners
  • Dual-Action Roller Skirt allows Rebel to manoeuvre up and over obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning
  • Advanced Hydraulic Technology makes it ideal for use with variable speed and two-speed pumps at lower speeds
  • Superior cleaning performance in all pool types, including vinyl, fiberglass and tile pools
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty*

* Terms and conditions apply.