Our Story


Clarity Pool Management was founded by Patrick Farrell and Damien Nash with a passionate focus on providing our customers with sparkling and healthy pool water that is both good for swimmers and good for the environment. At Clarity Pool Management, we make sure everyone gets the maximum benefit from their pool!

As the preferred service partner of Narellan Pools Sydney City, we specialise in fibreglass pool maintenance. However, we also have extensive experience servicing and maintaining concrete pools.

We service pools across Sydney, including in the Eastern Suburbs, South to Maroubra / Malabar & Matraville, Northern Beaches, and Northern Suburbs, the Inner West, Gladesville and Ryde.


Crystal-clear water without the use of chlorine and other unnecessary chemicals.


Properly balanced pool without harming the environment or your family’s health.


We treat every pool we look after as though it was our own.

Our Approach


Clarity Pool Management can take care of everything relating to the maintenance of your pool, so you can always enjoy swimming with total peace of mind. We make sure your pool is healthy and crystal clear without the use of harsh chemicals.

We are committed to ruling out the use of Chlorine and other unnecessary chemicals in your swimming pool. We firmly believe that a properly balanced pool does not require the use of harsh cleaning chemicals which are detrimental to the environment and your family’s health.

What’s more, we have researched all of the major hardware suppliers on the market and have selected the very best robotic pool cleaners and pool heaters based on energy efficiency, extended warranty terms, and overall performance. Find them and other pool equipment in our pool shop!

Whether it is a pool heating installation, pool filter pump, or an automatic pool cleaner, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product that will stand the test of time. We pride ourselves on treating every pool we look after as though it was our own, with respect and integrity.

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Patrick Farrell


Patrick has an in-depth knowledge of the pool industry with over 10 years of experience across a variety of roles.

His extensive understanding,attention to detail, experience, and contacts in the industry means you will always receive the most professional and up-to-date advice on the best way to get the most out of your pool.

Patrick is passionate advocate for clean pools and recommends the very equipment and pool cleaning products he uses every day for the best results. Trust your Sydney swimming pool maintenance and pool equipment to the pool man’s pool man in Sydney!



Damien Nash


Damien spent the first half of his career in the IT industry positioning Clarity as technology leaders in the pool management industry.

Whether it is pool automation, or streamlining backend processes, Damien’s thoroughness and experience leads to a streamlined, efficient and superb customer experience for Clarity Pool Management’s clients.

Experience the difference Sydney’s most efficient pool cleaning company can bring to your swimming pool this summer with Damien and his team. Not only will you enjoy their prompt attention to detail, but you’ll appreciate Clarity’s crystal clear waters brought to you without the use of harsh chemicals! For a better swim, trust Clarity Pool Management, the experts in Sydney pool maintenance and heating!