On 25 May 2022, Pooled Energy Pty Limited (Pooled Energy) was suspended from the wholesale electricity market for failing to settle its accounts with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and can no longer supply its customers with electricity.

Pooled Energy was a purpose-built electricity provider in Australia which aimed to help home pool owners reduce the amount of energy required to run their pools. Pooled Energy had developed a technology platform for remote control of swimming pools and associated equipment, which allowed it to manage energy demand and provide grid stabilisation services. It was a subscription-based model with customers paying a monthly fee for the benefits and quarterly pool chemical deliveries.

While the model appeared to work well, unfortunately they were never able to achieve their goal of acquiring 5MW of load or approximately 5000 pools which would have proved the demand management and modulation capabilities at scale. They faced further difficulties when the wholesale price of energy skyrocketed in the middle of 2022 and never managed to recover.

At Clarity Pool Management we offer a similar solution without the monthly subscription payments. We have a number of solutions to control all of your pool equipment via a smartphone app, including automated chemical control, and a variable speed drive for your single speed pump. Furthermore, with the money you save on a monthly subscription to Pooled Energy you can put that towards one of our monthly maintenance packages.


Product Descriptions


Dontek Aquatek Pool/Spa Automation Controller

 Pool automation just got simpler with Dontek’s newest innovation AQUATEK. The AQUATEK controller is the first agnostic pool controller which efficiently manages your pool, spa and heating requirements via Wi-Fi. By simply downloading the AQUATEK app on any smartphone, AQUATEK uses Wi-Fi to effortlessly control multiple pool and spa requirements.

Using state of the art technology, AQUATEK allows pool control from the palm of your hand and users can say goodbye to complicated pool automation. Dontek has created this controller which can remotely heat pool and spas from work or even the shops!

AQUATEK is modular and can accommodate most pool and spa control requirements big or small as well as being energy efficient and can dictate speeds on appliances such as gas heaters, solar heaters, in-floor cleaning systems and cleaning pumps.


Dontek Aquachem Automated Pool Water Chemistry

Aquachem just made pool maintenance so much easier! Never worry about chlorine levels or manually adding acid to your pool again as Aquachem does the hard work for you.

By simply using the Aquatek app, you can check and set the pH level ensuring the chemical balance in your pool is perfect all year round.

The Aquachem is an automatic chemical dosing system which knows what your pool requires and when; all in the palm of your hand.

Simply download the Aquatek app (Apple Store / Google Play Store) today. Pool cleaning made simple!


Dontek Aquatek 10a Expansion Pack



Dontek Aquatek 15a Expansion Pack