Polaris 3900 Side Pressure Cleaner

The Polaris 3900 Sport Pressure Pool Cleaner is the perfect solution for a quick, effective clean. Its dedicated booster pump and 3 vacuum jets provide unrivalled power to ensure your Sydney swimming pool sparkles in no time at all. The Polaris 3900 targets dirt with its PosiDrive system (delivering 50% more torque than standard models.) With its WideTrax tyres, this robot cleaner offers superior climbing and manoeuvrability in pools of all shapes and sizes.


  • 3 Vacuum Jets
  • PosiDrive System delivers 50% more torque
  • SuperBag with a 5L debris capacity
  • Operates from a dedicated Booster Pump
  • WideTrax Tyres for a superior climb

With its large throat intake and all-wheel PosiDrive system delivering 50% more torque, the Polaris 3900S Pool Cleaner can sweep and scrub your Sydney residential swimming pool in less than 3 hours regardless of your pool’s size or shape.

  • Sweep Hose helps clean in tight, hard-to-reach places
  • All-wheel PosiDrive delivers 50% more torque
  • 5L SuperBag can pick up more debris and can easily be removed
  • WideTrax for a better climb and cornering
  • Operates from a dedicated Booster Pump
  • 3 Vacuum Jets
Polaris 3900S Limited Warranty

The Polaris 3900S frame is warranted for a period of five years. Normal replacement items such as bags, tires, sweep hoses or sweep hose scrubbers which have been worn out by use or improper installation are not covered by this warranty.