The interval for filter media changes will depend on what type of filter you have and the type of filter and media you are using for your swimming pool.

If You’re Using a Sand Filter

If you are using sand in your pool filter it is recommended that you change the media every 5 years. Over time channels are formed in the sand providing a path of less resistance for the water to travel through, meaning that a portion of the water will bypass the filter media and return to the pool unfiltered. For filters that haven’t been well maintained during their lifecycle they can also become clogged with dirt and debris slowing down the water flow and reducing the filtering capacity.

Your typical pool filter and pump setup

We Recommend Crushed Glass for Your Pool Filter

At Clarity Pool Management Sydney we prefer to use crushed glass media in your pool filters. Crushed glass media can be more thoroughly cleaned during a backwash cycle, resulting in less trapped dirt and debris remaining in the filter. Furthermore it doesn’t create channels as with sand media.

Time to Replace Your Pool Filter Media & Cartridges?

If you notice an increase in filter pressure which doesn’t decrease substantially after backwashing the filter it might be time to replace the media in your filter. If you’re a Sydney swimming pool owner then feel free to contact us to book in a complimentary quote.

Swimming pool cartridge filters will need to be regularly soaked and cleaned, when you notice a spike on the filter pressure gauge, or a reduction in the water flow back to the swimming pool this generally indicates it is time to clean the filter. Filter cartridges should also be replaced every 2-3 years if well maintained, or more regularly if they aren’t soaked and cleaned.

Replacing the pool filter media

What You Need to Know About DE Filters

If you own a diatomaceous earth (DE) filter, the DE should be replaced every time you backwash the filter, this should be done every 4-6 weeks during the height of the swimming season and less frequently when the swimming pool isn’t used as often. After several backwashes the DE will deplete resulting in less effective pool filtration.

DE is a suspected carcinogen and as such the team at Clarity Pool Management has chosen not to work with these types of products.

Checking pool pump for clogged debris

Every Sydney Pool is Different. Get an Expert Opinion on Yours.

The above are only guidelines however, every pool is individual in its size, location, leaf litter, and usage frequency which can all vary the frequency of filter media changes and cleaning cycles.

Call Clarity Pool Management on 1300 977 999 to book an appointment for a check-up. to discuss an issue with your pool filter and let’s find out together how we can set it right!

Summary of Key Points

  • The interval for changing pool filter media depends on the type of filter and media being used.
  • For sand filters, it is recommended to change the media every 5 years to prevent water bypassing the filter and reduce filtering capacity.
  • Crushed glass media is preferred by Clarity Pool Management as it can be more thoroughly cleaned and does not create channels like sand media.
  • A spike in filter pressure or reduction in water flow indicates that it is time to clean or replace the filter.
  • Cartridge filters should be regularly soaked and cleaned, and replaced every 2-3 years.
  • DE filters require the DE to be replaced every time the filter is backwashed, and this should be done every 4-6 weeks during the swimming season.
  • DE is a suspected carcinogen, and Clarity Pool Management chooses not to work with these types of products.