Maytronics have been manufacturing robotic pool cleaners for over 40 years, and their latest addition to the Dolphin family is truly revolutionary. They have maintained the same Dolphin performance that we have all learned to love and depend on, however they have removed the cable revolutionising robotic pool cleaning in the process.

Dolphin Liberty 400 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

The new Dolphin Liberty 400 is capable of performing three 30 minute cleaning cycles per week on a single charge ensuring that your pool is spotless all week without the need for an unsightly cable running across your pool deck or getting tangled in your swimming pool. 

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Featuring inductive charging with magnetic connect for super easy snap in place charging, and patented ‘click up’ technology which summons the robot to you making robot retrieval a hassle free experience, Maytronics have thought of everything.

With integration to the MyDolphin Plus app managing your robotic pool cleaner has never been easier. The MyDolphin Plus app allows you to customise pool cleaning cycles, switch to Eco mode to preserve battery life, receive alerts when it is time to clean the filter canister, and you can even tell Siri to clean the pool which will activate your Dolphin’s default cleaning cycle. Pool maintenance has never been more hassle free.

With release slated for September 2023, and demand expected to outweigh supply fell free to get in touch today to secure a new cordless robotic pool cleaner on pre-order.

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