If your swimming pool pump isn’t working there are a few basic things you can check before engaging one of the professional pool service technicians at Clarity Pool Management.

Your Pool Pump Checklist

  1. Ensure that both the skimmer basket and the pump basket are clear of leaves and other debris, a full basket can reduce or restrict the water flow to the pump.
Removing leaves from pool skimmer basket

2. Ensure that the weir gate in front of the skimmer box is not jammed shut, occasionally a twig or a stick can become lodged in the weir gate causing an obstruction to the water flow. If this is the case remove the obstruction and ensure the weir gate is able to freely move.

3. Check that the power cord for your pool pump is not frayed or damaged, and make sure that the plug is firmly plugged into the power outlet. If the pump is still not powering on, check the circuit board to ensure that the pool circuit hasn’t tripped. If all else fails it is likely that the capacitor on the pump has blown, feel free to give us a call on 1300 977 999, if you would like a quote on a replacement.

Repairing a pool pump

4. An air leak on the suction side can cause the pool pump to lose prime resulting in no waterflow. This generally happens after the pump lid has been opened to empty the basket and the lid or rubber o-ring has not been replaced correctly. There may also be an air leak in the plumbing causing this, it might be time to call the professionals at Clarity Pool Management on 1300 977 999 if this is the case.

5. The impeller inside the pump may be clogged up with leaves and debris, this would result in a noisy pool pump that isn’t moving much water. Removing the blockage in the impeller is a job best left to the professionals, book in an inspection time with Clarity here.

Checking pool pump for clogged debris

6. If your pool pump is situated above the water level of the pool your pool plumber should have installed a non return valve on the suction line. The non return valve stops water from flowing back to the pool when the system switches off. If the non return valve is clogged up with twigs or leaves water can flow back to the pool making it harder for the pump to suck the water uphill to the pump. If you aren;t confident in clearing the blockage yourself give the Sydney team at Clarity a call to book an appointment.

7. If your pump is extremely noisy this can be a result of failed bearings, this generally means it is time to replace the pump.

A better pool pump

Time to Call a Sydney Professional Pool Maintenance Expert

Time to reach out to our Sydney pool maintenance professionals. For a cleaner, well-maintained Sydney Pool,  call Clarity Pool Management on 1300 977 999 to book an appointment for a check-up.