A solar pool cover, also referred to as a pool blanket, or a thermal pool cover is a large transparent plastic sheet containing air bubbles similar to bubble wrap. A solar pool cover works on three main principles;

  1. Heat Absorption
  2. Heat Retention
  3. Solar Magnification
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Heat Absorption

A solar pool blanket is made of a translucent plastic material allowing the sun’s rays to pass through the blanket. When the pool blanket is sitting on the surface of the water the sun’s rays pass through the blanket and the heat energy is absorbed into the pool water.

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Heat Retention

The solar pool blanket also acts as an insulating barrier between the warm pool water and the cooler air preventing heat loss through evaporation. Evaporation is a significant cause of heat loss, so by minimising evaporation we are keeping more of the heat where you want it, in your pool. When paired with a heat pump or gas pool heater you can expect a 50% cost saving on the energy consumption of your pool heater.

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Solar magnification

The small air bubbles or domes act as a magnifying glass on top of your swimming pool, magnifying the sun’s rays as it passes through the cover increasing the amount of heat energy transferred to your pool water.

Madimack Elite V3 Performance Rating

Solar Pool Cover Advantages

    • Extend your swimming season: A solar pool cover can help to keep your swimming pool water temperature at a more comfortable level so that your family can enjoy swimming further into the shoulder seasons.
    • Reduction in evaporation: The pool cover acts as a barrier against evaporation, leading to reduced water loss. The benefit here is two fold, a reduced heating bill, and savings on your water bill.
    • Energy efficiency: By utilising the sun’s energy, and trapping the heat in the pool where you want it the byproduct is a reduced reliance on auxiliary pool heat pumps or gas pool heaters. You can see the difference in energy costs to maintain an average 30,000L Sydney swimming pool at 28 degrees with and without a solar pool blanket in the table below.
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For Solar Pool Heating in Sydney – Call Clarity!

At Clarity Pool Management we always offer our pool heating customers the option of a solar pool cover in order to reduce the upfront costs of the required pool heater, and to reduce the associated running costs for the long term.

We exclusively supply and install Daisy 525 micron solar pool blankets which come with an industry leading 10 year pro-rata warranty. Learn more by calling us on 1300 977 999 or

Get in touch with one of our Sydney pool heating experts today via our contact form for a no obligation quote on a new solar blanket for your swimming pool.

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