At Clarity Pool Management we take pride in looking after your swimming pool, and we strongly believe that we are Sydney’s best pool maintenance company. When you engage Clarity Pool Management to maintain your Sydney swimming pool you can expect the below tasks to be completed.

1. You will receive an SMS notification 24 hours prior to your scheduled pool service, and another SMS when our pool service technician is on the way to your home.

2. A digital water analysis using a state of the art photometer ensuring accurate readings and perfectly balanced pool water.

Inverter heat pump

3. The area surrounding your swimming pool will be cleared of leaves and other debris, and any water toys inside the pool will be removed prior to the pool being cleaned.

4. All of your skimmer and pump baskets will be cleared of leaves and other debris.

5. Your swimming pool will be thoroughly vacuumed ensuring there is no remaining dirt or leaves on the pool surface.

6. Any material floating on the surface of the water will be scooped with a fine pollen net.

How loud is your pool heat pump

7. The walls, and steps of your swimming pool will be thoroughly brushed to remove any dust or biofilm build up.

8. Empty leaf catchers and clean automatic pool cleaners.

Madimack Elite V3 Performance Rating

9. Your media filter will be cleaned and backwashed.

10. Our technicians will perform a full system health check and advise of any upcoming or current potential issues.

11. Your sanitiser will be programmed according to the seasons. Ensuring adequate sanitization while saving you money on your energy bill during the cooler months when the pool is less likely to be used.

Madimack Elite V3 Performance Rating

12. Upon completion of your pool service you will receive an email containing before and after photos of your swimming pool, an invoice for the completed works, along with any other pertinent information.

 13. Upon receipt of your first invoice you will have the option to set up a direct debit agreement. Alternatively payment can be made via credit card or direct deposit.

If you’re interested in signing up for Sydney’s best pool cleaning and maintenance service, get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable pool service technicians today.